Looking after your feet and preventing dry skin.

1 April 2020

Looking after your feet and preventing dry skin.

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Skin is the largest organ in the body and offers a protective barrier against the outside environment. When intact, it is a waterproof, smooth, flexible and protective layer. However, dry skin can become cracked. This compromises the protective barrier and can leave you open to infection. Dry skin can create micro splits and fissures allowing bacteria and fungus and other germs to get in.

The normal ageing process and various medical conditions can cause the loss of natural moisturising factors found in the lower layers of the skin. The lower legs and feet are particularly vulnerable to dryness.

Washing excessively with harsh soaps and shower gels can also dry the skin significantly. This happens particularly when showering. Soaps can congregate around the feet if they are not be rinsed off properly.

Central heating and air conditioning can also take the moisture out of the air and add to the problem. If the skin is too dry, the pH balance can be reduced impacting the skins ability to combat surface infections.

My advice is to use emollients. Examples of good moisturising creams are: CCS cream (available at BodyFix Clinic), Flexitol, Dermatonics heel balm, Aveeno  and zerobase/ diprobase (often available from your GP on prescription).

So find a nice cream that suits you. One that you like the feel and smell of…. Then you are more likely to use it regularly and for it to become part of your daily routine.

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