What is Chiropody and Podiatry?

A chiropodist or podiatrist is a specialised foot doctor who treats people suffering from lower limb or common foot problems such as bunions and ingrown toenails. Although many people get confused in understanding the difference between a chiropodist and a podiatrist, there is actually no difference between the two. This is because podiatry is the new name given to chiropody in 1993. Both are considered as foot doctors in the UK and both have acquired the same qualifications and experience.

The role of a Chiropodist/ Podiatrist is to advise you and your family on how to take care of your feet and the type of shoes that you need to wear. Podiatrists and chiropodists can also treat and alleviate day-to-day foot problems such as fungal or ingrown toenails. They can also treat calluses and corns, verrucas, smelly feet, cracked heels and athlete’s foot. They can also help to ease the pain of people who have diabetic foot ulcers and diabetic foot.


New Patient Consultation and treatment (30mins) – £46

Regular Visit – £40

Simple Nail Care – £26

(Toe Nail cutting for uncomplicated nails)