Sports Massage

What are the benefits of Sports Massage/ Soft Tissue Therapy?

All walks of life can benefit from receiving a massage, not just athletes or those partaking in regular sporting activities. Massage has a physical, physiological and psychological therapeutic effect on the body. It helps to relax tight and tired muscles, increases flexibility, reduces muscle pain, aids recovery after trauma or fatigue, prevents the reoccurrence of injury in the long term, improves the health of soft tissue, invigorates and increases energy and can help to reduce anxiety through the promotion of relaxation.


For the sports people out there, massage can be used in the conditioning and training phases: pre-, inter- and post-competition, and post travel.


The same benefits can be applied to other active professions such as performers, dancers and musicians.


It can also be beneficial in aiding the recovery from injury, during the healing and rehabilitation processes.


People suffering from chronic injuries from their jobs either from overuse such as in the case of a builder carrying and lifting or inactivity such as in the case of a desk based worker can also enjoy the benefits of massage.


30 Minute massage – £40

60 Minute massage – £65