How I am helping young people with COVID anxiety.

10 September 2020

How I am helping young people with COVID anxiety.

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These are challenging times for our young people. The ever-changing rules to lockdown and an uncertain future are causing anxiety.  In this blog I will talk about my experience of treating patients with anxiety about COVID and reveal my best tips for preventing it.  

My experience with COVID anxiety.

I find that there is a divide between those that are not affected mentally by the pandemic and those that are. The first group have found it frustrating but are adapting to the ‘new-normal’. But the second group are very worried.  They tell me that are strict about social distancing and are terrified of catching the virus. They would never break the government rules and even beat themselves up if they have forgotten to wash their hands. Sadly, this group are struggling to deal with the return to school and college. They find it difficult to get through the day, difficulty sleeping and are heading for a crisis.

As a Therapist, it is my job is to help these people to manage their feelings and to teach resilience. That way they can cope with anything that comes their way.

How can I help young people with COVID anxiety?

We all cope in different ways. I assist young people to discover their own healthy coping strategies.  This might be focussing on the things we can control, prioritising wellbeing, exercising regularly and keeping on top of education goals. Having healthy coping strategies like these can help with their future wellbeing and not just during the present time.

We want our young people to avoid unhealthy coping strategies that can become habitual.  Coping strategies such as distancing themselves, smoking, self-harm, disordered eating, alcohol/ drug use.  If these coping mechanisms take hold, I can help them switch to more healthy way of coping using Brain Working Recursive Therapy.

What is Brain Working Recursive Therapy?

I have used this technique with many young people and it has eradicated their anxiety for good.  BWRT uses natural psychological processes to recondition neural pathways in the brain that lead to unwanted behaviour, like anxious thoughts.

We stop and ‘re-route’ the brain’s natural response to anything traumatic or that it doesn’t understand.  This technique is often quick and I have found that young people respond very well.  The results of this talking therapy are fantastic.  

I am always happy to talk before we meet for a session.  I can answer questions about BWRT or anxiety. It is best to contact me through the clinic.

Top tips

Until you have a chance to chat with me, as I promised earlier, here are my top tips for staying mentally healthy.

  • Take breaks from social media.

  • Get outdoors – Nature is calming and grounding.

  • Look after your health, eat healthily and exercise

  • Be kind to yourself – it’s okay to be worried. Accept your feelings.

  • Keep connected – Join online groups – talk things over with a trusted person. Stay in touch with friends.

  • Stick to routines – our brain loves routine, its calming.

  • If you have work to do, do it. When you’ve done it you will feel much calmer.

  • Adjust your outlook on the changes; the lockdown gave us an opportunity to focus on ourselves. 

  • Adjust your perception of the changes. They are not against you personally, they are for everyones safety.

For advice and guidance please call 0208 394 0393 or email on info@bodyfixclinic.co.uk.

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