The benefits of Water

30 November 2020

The benefits of Water

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We all hear that drinking lots of water is good for you. But understanding how and why….helps us to visualise the benefits as we drink and will encourage us to keep it up long term.

Keeping hydrated has many different health benefits. 6-8 glasses a day of pure tap water or bottled water is recommended in addition to any other fluids like teas and coffee. Its one of the best things we can do for our overall health and it’s such a simple and free thing to do!

The benefits of drinking Water

It helps reduce sugar cravings and aids weight maintenance 

A glass of water before your meal helps you feel fuller so helps prevent overeating. It can also trick the brain (that often cant distinguish between hunger and thirst) when you crave something sweet. It also-

  • keeps the kidneys working well and to their maximum capacity…this means the liver doesn’t have to help out, leaving it to concentrate efficiently on it own jobs, including FAT BURN! Visualise that water as drinking a fat liquidising potion!

  • Keeping hydrated helps reduce headaches and migraines

  • Keeping hydrated has been shown to play a significant role in helping mood, memory, concentration and energy levels. Visualise it as if you were drinking a mood lifting and energy boosting tonic. And smile!

  • Another of the benefits of Water, especially mineral water  helps ‘keep things moving’ and prevents constipation.

  • Keeping hydrated keeps our skin looking healthy, plump and elastic and can improve muscle tone. Visualise that water as a youth elixir.

So now that you know some of the benefits of water, let’s treat ourselves to a beautiful glass to drink from or a cool funky water bottle and let’s get sipping all day. Pop some reminders on your phone or some post-it notes round the house/office and in no time this simple measure can help us feel great in so many ways!

Tip for Christmas indulgences….start the day with a big glass of water. Drink a small glass of water between each alcoholic drink and drink a large glass of water before bed…..guaranteed NO Hang Over!

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