The importance of checking our feet for Melanoma

20 January 2020

The importance of checking our feet for Melanoma

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Malignant Melanoma is a form of cancer. It develops from a type of pigment cell called a Melanocyte. Melanomas cause around 7,000 deaths per year.

The GOOD NEWS is that if we can catch them in their early stages, melanomas are almost entirely curable.  But if they are located on harder to spot areas, like the feet, then the diagnosis may be delayed.

5 major risk factors for Melanomas include

Fair skin

If there is a large number of Naevi (moles) on your body, for example more than 100

Prolonged sun exposure or a number of sunburns in the past

A family history of melanomas

Weakened immune system

What we need to look out for?

Seek advice from your GP if any mole or skin lesion exhibits some of the following characteristics 

Asymmetrical…one half looks different to other

Irregular border or poorly defined border

Colour variations

Diameter…usually larger then 6mm

Evolving…changes in shape and size and colour


Note, that sometimes they can be present under the toe-nails or in-between the toes. In those cases, WE CAN HELP. A visit to Sue (our Podiatrist) is a good way to have moles on the foot detected and monitored.  

Sue can be contacted at the clinic on 0208-394-0393. Alternatively we have online booking at https://www.bodyfixclinic.co.uk/bookings/

If you are concerned about moles on your body, or for further information, you can visit the following link https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/melanoma-skin-cancer/ and visit your GP. 

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