Good footwear….the key to pain free feet.

21 April 2020

Good footwear….the key to pain free feet.

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The right footwear is important to daily life. Footwear is often a big contributing factor to foot problems. In some cases, changing your footwear is the only treatment you will need for pain free feet.

A good shoe is not the same thing as an expensive shoe.

Features of a good shoe

Good fastening

A good shoe should stop the foot sliding forwards or slipping at the ankle. Laces are the best but a Velcro strap can also allow adjustment to the fit of the shoe.

A roomy toe box

A good shoe should allow about 1cm of free space from your longest toe (when standing) 

It should be deep enough, so no pressure falls on the tops of your toes and wide enough for the toes to have some wiggle room without being jammed inside.

The widest part of the shoe should be where your large joint falls.

Make sure there is no excessive gaping or bulging areas when you walk.

Feel inside the shoe to make sure there is no heavy stitching, seams or rough areas. 

Heel and sole

The sole should be of a thick cushioning material to allow shock absorbency and flexibility. There should be some tread on the sole to allow a good grip.

Removable footbed

More and more manufacturers make shoes with a removable footbed so to allow accommodation for your own insole/orthotic that may be given to you to help your foot problem.

Heel height

Ideally no more the 2.5cm as this will alter the angle of the metatarsal bones and thus your gait.

Buying shoes

Buy shoes in the afternoon. Feet can swell slightly during the day so this will be when your feet are at their largest. Pick a quiet time and don’t be rushed into making a decision.

Walk around the shop in them, as weight bearing and walking is very different to sitting. One of my favourite brands is Hotter shoes

For further advise and discussion about the right footwear for you can contact me at Bodyfix on 0208-394-0393 or online by clicking here.

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