Being mindful and mindfulness……

30 January 2020

Being mindful and mindfulness……

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If you are anything like me, life can get busy juggling multiple priorities and it is difficult to slow down to find time to just ‘be’. Often we soldier on and before you know it the aches and pains can appear in the body. Sound familiar? This is where being mindful and practicing mindfulness in your daily life can help.

To further support your health and wellness journey and as part of your treatment plan, our osteopaths may sometimes discuss breathing techniques and meditation practices also known as mindfulness with you.

Some of the benefits of a mindfulness practice may include:

  • Reducing stress & anxiety
  • Enhancing self-awareness for both body and mind
  • Improving sleep
  • Potentially decreasing blood pressure
  • Enhancing control over pain

So, what is mindfulness? Jon Kabat-Zinn, a scientist, writer and meditation teacher, defined it as “the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, …non-judgementally..”.

Mindfulness meditation courses and support groups are widely available. If this seems daunting, given the well-researched advantages of being mindful, perhaps you can access a mindfulness meditation app on your smartphone.

An app supported practice may seem more accessible and easier to schedule with a number of promising mindfulness-based mobile applications that include Headspace, Calm, Fabulous, Insight Timer and 10% Happier. Try one to see if it helps you!

For more information and advice on being mindful, ask me at your next appointment.

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