Ideas to keep you healthy during Covid-19 ‘Lockdown’.

30 March 2020

Ideas to keep you healthy during Covid-19 ‘Lockdown’.

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It is extremely important to remain at home to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but how do you keep healthy and pain free during this time?  I have written some ideas of how to remain physically and mentally healthy whilst you’re at home.

Physical health

-Don’t sit for too long- whether it be at a computer or on the sofa.  Your back will thank you for regular activity and not sitting for too long.

-Make the most of your 15 minutes of exercise.  It’s important to get your step count up or go for a run. Also it feels good to get some fresh air and Vitamin D from the sun.

-Drink lots of water. As well as being good for every cell in your body, water makes up the majority of the discs in the spine.  So keep them hydrated.

-Eat less.  We will be moving around less so we need to consume less calories.  We often eat out of boredom but we can actually survive for 3 weeks without food, so there is no need to panic.  Also eating less means less trips to the supermarket.

-Stretching.  Yoga is a great form of exercise to keep the joints mobile, so factor it into your daily routine. 

Mental health 

-Call your friends- I live alone and I am certainly missing having friends and family to talk to, this isolation could have an effect on my mental health so I am regularly calling people to stay in contact. HouseParty app on itunes is great for staying in contact and playing games together. 


-Alone time- On the flip side you might be stuck in a small apartment with your partner and kids so try to get some alone time too. 

-Turn off the radio and TV.  It’s good to keep up to date with what is happening but it can lead to information overload, so turn it off.

-Meditate.  I use Headspace app on itunes.  20 minutes of focussing on your breathing will work wonders.

-Stick to a schedule.  I have found that writing a to-do list every day and ticking them off one by one is helping stave off the boredom and keeping me motivated.

-Record your symptoms.  There is an app that has been developed called Covid-19 symptom tracker.  It helps scientists and the government to gather date about the spread of the disease.  Even if you are feeling well it is good to record it. 

At BodyFix we are currently closed but if we can offer any advice please call us on 0208-394-0393. We can answer the phone calls remotely, so we will be happy to assist you. Please keep checking our website www.bodyfixclinic.co.uk for further updates.

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