Be free from Verrucae with this amazing new treatment.

1 September 2020

Be free from Verrucae with this amazing new treatment.

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Plantar warts (aka verrucae) are caused by the Human Papilloma virus. This common virus has over 200 strains.  But it is the subtypes 1,2,27 and 57 that have been identified to cause the plantar wart.

However, a brand new treatment for Verrucae treatment is available now at the BodyFix Clinic and could be the answer.

Verrucae are stubborn lesions that are particularly prevalent in children. Up to 33% of school children are said to have them at some stage.  However, they can also be found in adults. They enter through micro-abrasions in the skin and it is common to get them at swimming baths, when the skin is wet.

Some resolve within 2 years, but Verrucae are notoriously difficult to eliminate. When the virus enters the skin it cleverly changes itself and the surrounding proteins. It hijacks the normal cell activity and goes un-detected by the bodies immune system.

Treatment isn’t always recommended, particularly if they are small and not causing any problems. However, if they start to spread, interfere with daily activities and are causing distress then a course of treatment is advised.

Verrutop is now available at Bodyfix clinic: 3 treatments at £150

Verrutop is a topical application to verrucae and is for professional application only.

– Simple

– Painless 

– A highly effective treatment for all warts.

Using a unique combination of Nitric acid, inorganic salts, copper and zinc salts, the solution mummifies the verrucae tissue and allows new, virus free cells to grow.  It has been shown to have a 90% cure rate after just 3 applications.

I am available to guide you through your treatment. I will conduct an initial consultation and full assessment. The skin area will be prepared and any unnecessary surface tissue will be removed. After that, I will administer up to 3 applications of the Verrutop treatment. These will be once or twice a week, depending on the severity.

To book your Verrutop treatment course or if you require any further information please contact reception on 0208 394 0393.

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