Working From Home (WFH): The New Normal

1 September 2020

Working From Home (WFH): The New Normal

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Hasn’t 2020 been a very strange year for us all! We’ve had to make big changes to our working lives as well as our personal lives. Working from home is now not only the “new normal”; but something many of us may continue to do for the foreseeable future.

That long commute into the office has now become the shortest commute ever! So less daily exercise than our bodies are used to.  No more walking or cycling to the station, just a very short walk from the bed to the desk. Longer working hours seem to be more common as WFH means its difficult to drag yourself away from the computer.

The desk and chair are probably not the same as they would be in the office.  Maybe you’re using a dining chair and the dining table! Or the sofa with the laptop literally on your lap.

The effects on the body from the new normal working from home, is that you may find the neck and shoulders ache and feel tight and sore and could even be waking you up in the night.  Your posture changes and the back can become more hunched over by not having the correct office chair or desk to work at for long hours.  The muscles tense up with the change and the stress increases.  The tightness in the neck and shoulder muscles can cause pain and discomfort and even result to headaches.

How can I help?

A sports massage treatment will help to:

Release the tension and pain in the neck and shoulders.  Increase the elasticity in the muscle fibres

Stretch and relax the muscles by bringing more blood flow to the area.

Increases the mobility in the back.


Reduce tension headaches by removing the pressure from the back of the neck and head.

 Improve posture.

Relieves the built up stress from the day or the week.

Gives you a better sense of wellbeing and positive energy so you feel much better both physically and mentally and enjoy the new way of working.

If you would like to book a sports massage to tackle those aches and pains, please call the clinic on 020 8394 0393 or book online.

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