RED January 2020

9 January 2020

RED January 2020

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RED January 2020

“Run Every Day” RED January has been set up by the charity Mind to raise awareness for mental health, which is great for me as I love to run!

The benefits that exercise has on our mental health is remarkable and when we exercise our bodies release endorphins which make us feel good, happy and positive.

Getting out everyday to run, cycle or swim or doing some exercise daily improves our fitness and wellbeing. However, we still need to listen to our bodies and when we increase the amount of exercise we do we are working the muscles far more than they are used to.

Sports massage can help work alongside the extra exercise this month by preventing injury, adding to the feel good factor and loosening those tight muscles.  When we have exerted our muscles in exercising daily we want to find a way of relaxing them, a sports massage helps to relieve the stress in the muscle tissue therefore causing the muscles to relax.

So whilst you’re out exercising everyday remember stay injury free and relaxed with the help of a sports massage.

Call the clinic to book an appointment on 0208 394 0393 or book online.

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