Cracked heels and summer sandals just don’t go well together!

11 June 2019

Cracked heels and summer sandals just don’t go well together!

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Cracked heels gone for the summer

In the winter our feet are often out of sight and out of mind. But summer is here, let’s get them out and be proud and comfortable! Here are some top tips to get your feet summer ready and to reduce the appearance of cracked heels.


Ladies, take a break from nail polish for a few days every month, to enable you to check the health of the nail and to prevent fungus, discolouration and staining from darker polishes.

Trim regularly, not too short and do not cut down into the corners.

Hard skin and cracked heels:

There’s nothing worse than seeing cracked heels and dry hard skin around the toes in sandals! To avoid this look, rub gently and regularly with a foot file/abrasive stone. And apply cream DAILY e.g after the shower and /or at bedtime…make it part of your routine, it really makes a difference!

For very dry skin we recommend CCS Footcare Cream, which you can purchase in the clinic at £7.00.

Keep cool and fresh!

Wash daily and dry well especially between each of the toes. This will discourage athletes foot from taking hold. If you suffer from very sweaty feet try using antiperspirants or even a foot deodoriser.

As cool as they are, flip flops are too thin on the soles and offer no support often causing cracked heels. Avoid wearing day after day and for long periods, as this could lead to soft tissue strains such as plantar fasciitis. Try ‘Fitflops’, ‘Vionics’ or ‘Birkenstocks’.

Inspect feet daily

Check for blisters which are very common in new summer shoes and avoid popping if possible. Keep the area clean and cover if they burst or you need to release the fluid.

Check also for athletes’ foot, fungal nail infections and verruca… seek professional help early for quicker resolution. A 30 minute chiropody appointment will help you to take control and manage these common complaints. See more


Apply sun cream on your feet…don’t forget this often-missed part of the body! Especially the sole of the foot when you are sunbathing face down.

Have a great summer with happy feet!

Sue Mullen

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