Footwear Advice for Children

30 September 2021

Footwear Advice for Children

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When looking for supportive footwear for children there are a few points to consider:

A rigid high heel:

This ensures the heel is supported from all directions. You should not be able to push the heel in easily with your fingers.

A firm mid foot support:

The shoe should not be able to be twisted easily with your hands. Test the shoe with a ‘wringing’ action, a good support will not move without effort.

Lace ups or velcro straps:

Give the mid foot more stability. This encourages the foot to stay in place inside the shoe and stops over pronation.

A high top shoe

Support the heel and ankle and equally encourage the foot to stay in place inside the shoe.

A removable insole 

Ideal if your child needs more support from their regular shoes that they may prefer to wear. There are many insoles available both universal and customised. Speak to your physiotherapist or podiatrist to find out if insoles would benefit your child. 

For more advice from a paediatric physiotherapist or to make an appointment please call 0208 394 0393 or book online

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