A new approach to post natal care. What is the Mummy MOT?

12 January 2024

A new approach to post natal care. What is the Mummy MOT?

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Being a Mum is an incredible journey. It is marked by love and profound transformations. But the physical toll from pregnancy and birth can often go underestimated. In postnatal care, the Mummy MOT emerges as a groundbreaking concept. It offers a comprehensive solution to address the unique challenges faced by new mothers.

It was first developed by Maria Elliott, a chartered physiotherapist and is a thorough postnatal check-up. I love being a Mummy MOT practitioner! Since I began my training as an Osteopath, I knew that I wanted to specialise in helping mums and babies.

Here are some of the areas that we will cover together during your Mummy MOT:

Full Postural Screen:

The Mummy MOT doesn’t just focus on specific muscle groups; it considers the body as a whole. A full postural screen is conducted to identify any imbalances or issues with your posture since childbirth.

Pelvic Floor Muscle Assessment:

Given the vital role of the pelvic floor in maintaining core strength and preventing issues like incontinence, our session includes an assessment of pelvic floor muscles. This ensures a targeted approach to rehabilitation.

Abdominal Muscle Exam for Diastasis Recti:

The tummy muscles take a lot of strain during pregnancy, sometimes resulting in diastasis recti – a separation of the muscles. I will check for this condition and tailor exercises to promote healing and strengthen the core.

Screening for Dysfunction:

The assessment includes a screening for bowel, bladder, or sexual dysfunction. By addressing these aspects I aim to enhance overall pelvic health and comfort.

Assessment of Scars:

C-sections or episiotomies leave scars that may impact a mother’s well-being. The Mummy MOT includes a thorough assessment providing advice on their care and potential impact on movement.

Education and Advice:

This post natal assessment offers valuable education and advice on various aspects of postnatal recovery. I equip mothers with the tools to make informed choices for their well-being.

Written Report and Bespoke Rehab Programme:

A personalized touch defines the Mummy MOT experience. Following the assessment, mothers receive a written report of findings, ensuring clarity and understanding. If required, a bespoke rehabilitation program is crafted to address individual needs, promoting a gradual and effective recovery.

If you have any further questions about the Mummy MOT, I can be contacted through Bodyfix reception on 0208-394-0393. You can also book on this number or on the website here

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