The Cranial Osteopath: Treating babies

28 July 2019

The Cranial Osteopath: Treating babies

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There are many reasons why parents bring their babies to a Cranial Osteopath like Giulia Bonetto at the Bodyfix Clinic.

Difficult delivery:

Babies delivered using forceps or ventouse can cause tension in a baby’s head. This can result in a cone head or even bruising from the forceps. Babies can show their discomfort by crying, particularly when their head is being touched or when they are laid down on their backs or have clothes or hats put on them. Cranial Osteopaths examine and identify tense areas and use safe, gentle and non-manipulative techniques to release them.

Unsettled babies:

Often these babies need constant cuddles or prefer to be swaddled. They may stiffen and arch their backs, sleep lightly or are jumpy when they are asleep. Quick deliveries, long deliveries and C-sections can affect the baby. A Cranial Osteopath can use gentle manipulation that could help soothe and relax your baby.

Breast feeding issues:

Tension in the jaw joints or other bones of the baby’s skull and neck can affect their latch and suckling. This can lead to taking in too much air, making them feel uncomfortable and ‘gripey’.

Many babies prefer to turn their head to the right to feed and can find it difficult to get comfortable feeding on the left or vice versa.

Osteopathy can help to release these tensions and improve your baby’s mobility to help latch in a more effective way.

Constant suckling and snacking can be a sign that they have a build up of tension rather than being constantly hungry. This is because the act of sucking is calming and helps to relieve the tension.

Giulia Bonetto can perform a check up from about 4 weeks after delivery. She can help to minimise these problems by checking your babies alignment is correct and soothe and relax your baby.

For more information or to book an appointment please call 0208 394 0393.

Giulia Bonetto

Giulia Bonetto author

I am a registered Osteopath with a special interest in Cranial Osteopathy for babies and children.

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