Suzanne Renton

Foot Health Practitioner, Dip Sac MPS Pract

I originate from South Africa, where I graduated with a B. Soc. Science degree. I relocated to the UK in 1998, where I continued with a successful career in UK Financial Services.


I have had an interest in foot health since being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in childhood, and made a career decision to extend this interest and appreciation to become a Foot Health Practitioner.


The routine foot care I offer includes the cutting, thinning and filing of toenails, removing calluses and corns, and treating fungal infections.


I am registered as a Foot Health Practitioner  and abide by the core values, principles, and Continued Professional Development requirements and support of the Foot Health Practitioner Alliance


Suzanne Renton DipSAC MPSPract                                                                  

Member of the Accredited Register of Foot Health Practitioners
Foot Health Practitioner Alliance membership number: MPSP6086
Public Accredited Register number: AR10084