Ryan Simes

Corrective Exercise Specialist.


My name is Ryan and I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM registered). Born and raised in New Zealand, I moved to the UK in 2011 and now live and work in south west London. 

After a 15-year career in mechanical engineering, I hung up my overalls to follow my passion and pursue a career as a personal trainer. Focusing on mobility, controlled movement and progressive strength training I use my own lived experience of rehabilitating myself from injuries sustained on the sports field to coach my clients. My key focus is longevity through controlled movement and strength training. I specialize in beginners and returning exercisers who are looking to improve their mobility and strength capabilities. My goal is to make exercise accessible to everyone regardless of your level or physical capabilities.


My aim is to help my clients to better their lives by learning to move their bodies more effectively and efficiently in an enjoyable, challenging and safe environment. I want my clients to feel better and be more physically capable throughout their daily activities, sporting and recreational ventures. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a weekend warrior, or you simply want to be able to comfortably get up and down off the floor, we could all do with improving our movement and mobility. 


Mobility is about having the ability to express yourself through space and to move without limitations. This approach develops strength, balance, stability and joint health to enable you to move or be moved more freely and easily.

Developing your joint range of motion; your core stability and total body awareness will give you better resilience for everyday life.