Andrew Graham

Clinic Owner Osteopath BSc (Hons) Ost Med, BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science

My name is Andy Graham and I am a registered Osteopath.  I have over 13 years of experience working with patients just like you. In that time, I have performed almost 20,000 treatments on many different issues. I graduated from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine with a 2:1 Hons, which I was over the moon with, after having invested a lot of time and effort into my studies.



Why I do what I do?


Ever since I was a child I have had an interest in health and how the body works.  At University I studied Sports Science for 3 years before undertaking my 4 year Osteopathy degree.  The amazing thing about Osteopathy is that I get to help people like you in a meaningful way, everyday.


What I do?

I help people to over-come pain and discomfort so that they may return to the activities that they enjoy the most. I work a lot with self-employed people who have BACK PAIN that is causing them to miss time off work.  Being self-employed myself, I know how important it is to be feeling good at work so that you can perform at your best.


I also work a lot with people who have postural issues from sitting at a desk for long periods.  This has always been a case for me however I have noticed an increase in NECK and SHOULDER issues since people have been working remotely.  I help with the discomfort, help improve posture and help this not to happen again.


Finally, a special interest of mine is working with those with JAW PAIN.  Maybe you notice a clicking when you eat or talk.  Maybe you grind your teeth at night, a common symptom of stress, or maybe you have tension type headaches.  These things can all be related to your jaw and I will work with you to help you through them.



So contact me if:

Muscle pain is causing you to miss time off work.

Desk posture is affecting your neck, shoulders and back.

Jaw pain, clicking and headaches are affecting your quality of life.