Mobility Fix

What is MobilityFix?


Mobility and range motion can impact our lives in a number of ways including at home; in the work place and our ability to engage in leisure activities. MobilityFix aims to improve your quality of life by developing strength, balance, stability and joint health to enable you to move or be moved more freely and easily. The sessions are focused on your goals using effective mobility exercises to develop your joint range of motion; core stability and total body awareness giving you better resilience for everyday life.



Who would benefit from MobilityFix?


These one to one sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities and focus on your goals and what you want to achieve.

Maybe you are already active but want to improve your flexibility so you can improve your athletic performance or take up a new sport?

Maybe you ache when you walk to the shops, perhaps struggle to get up and down off the floor or pick up and play with your children or grandchildren?

Maybe you want to get back on the tennis court or the golf course after an injury but are not sure how to develop the mobility in your shoulder or knee so you can feel confident again to play the sports your really enjoy?

Whatever your goals, MobilityFix can support you to get you moving again.



What to expect on your first visit



MobilityFix is a one hour tailored mobility session with Ryan.  He is a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Trainer. The one to one sessions are designed to get you moving more freely and easily. When you meet with Ryan for the first time he will complete a full assessment with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.  He will get to understand what you would like to improve about your movement capabilities and why. Ryan will lead you through a series of functional exercises.  He will help you to take your joints through various ranges of motion in either chair- based, standing or mat-based exercises (depending on your ability level).  At the end of your session you will be left feeling warm, more mobile and elevated.


Frequently Asked Questions



Am I fit enough to see a corrective exercise specialist?

This is a worry for a lot of people.  Ryan has experience of working with everyone from 20 years to 80 years, taking them through a graduated and progressive programme in order to improve their mobility.  He says ‘You don’t need to get fit to see a personal trainer, you should see a personal trainer first in order to get fit’


Will it be too challenging for me?

The sessions are challenging but will be tailored to your abilities.  If one exercises too challenging, Ryan will give you modifications.  You will circle back to that exercise at a later time and you’ll be surprised when you can do it.


What do I need to wear?

Wear something comfortable, that you can move freely in.  For example t-shirt, shorts or leggings.  We provide exercises mats.  You can bring a bottle of water for your rest intervals.



60 Minute Session – £60