Prosecco: The party season and your bladder

14 December 2023

Prosecco: The party season and your bladder

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Yikes! it’s December already and that means we are well into party season!!  We might be drinking a little more prosecco, champagne and white wine.  On one had that sounds great but for some of us our bladder really doesn’t like the white fizzy drinks or sadly, alcohol in general.  So how can we help manage them over the next few weeks?

Tips for your bladder:

  • The bubbles and acidic nature of prosecco and champagne can be enough to irritate the bladder, making you want to empty it much more frequently.  So, if you are drinking a little fizz (or indeed any alcohol) follow it with a glass of water, this helps to dilute the effects of acidity and bubbles.

  • Drinking spirits, such as gin and vodka with ice and water can reduce the irritability on your bladder.  Be aware that if you use mixers such as coke and lemonade, the bubbles can also irritate.

  • Try a white wine spritzer , this dilutes the alcohol and the acidity of the drink.

  • If your bladder is irritated by alcohol try and avoid the really sweet alcoholic wines.

  • Beer again because of it’s fizziness can also be an irritant, so try an ale rather than lager.

  • If you are drinking make sure you keep your fluid levels up before and after the party as dehydration can also irritate the bladder.  Keep your water bottle filled up, we should be drinking at least 1.5 – 2 litres of water everyday.

Unfortunately, it’s not only alcohol that can irritate our bladders, some foods can too. Caffeinated tea and coffee, chocolate (because of its caffeine content), citric foods, spicy foods and sugary foods can all be an irritant.  If you have problems with your bladder try and keep these to a minimum.

If you feel that you need help with your bladder a Women’s Health Osteopath can help you. Don’t suffer as often these symptoms can be improved with help.


Have a great Christmas and Cheers!!!

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